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AC trouble

I have 1997 Honda Accord EXL.

when the fan is turned on (A/C off) and set to full cold setting, the air feels hot even if outside temp is much cooler than inside.

If I do that same with A/C on, it cools but not fully. I bought a refill kit for coolent and I checked the coolent pressure in the low-pressure side and was about 35 at around 75 degree temp, which it should be per chart on the coolent can. So I have not added any coolent. Pipe coming out of compressor feel pretty cold to touch (under the hood).

Could there be any leakage from hot air that is mixing with cold air?

Could it be that temp dial is bad?

Any help/link is appreciated.



My first guess is a vacuum problem. On most cars of that age the blend doors (the part the controls the hot/cold air mix) are controlled by vacuum. some have cables and some newer cars are using electric. If a vacuum hose has slipped off or split or you have low vacuum for some reason, that could explain your problem.

BTW good job at checking before just adding refrigerant as many people would do.

Thanks Joseph for your reply.

I have noticed this issue for quite some time (4/5 years). I don’t use A/C too much, so was (and still is) not a big issue for me. But I want to troubleshoot and fix this issue now. So wondering if age of the car is an issue here.

My initial guess was the mixing function as well. So I will concentrate on this first. Do I have to open the dashboard to reach the blend door? What other items can I check to diagnose this?

Thanks again.

I got it working now.
I noticed that the temp dial was not going all the way to the cold setting. I pulled out the knob a little and tried. I was able to move the dial 1 or 2 clicks to the colder settings. This looks like fixed the mixer component. Looks like hot air is mixed on all settings except the last one.

Thanks all for your input (Thanks Joseph).