A/c jeep liberty

I submitted this question the other day and my back screwed up so I just got to look @ what was responded. 02 Jeep Liberty I had the whole a/c system replaced 2 yrs. ago. The a/c worked fine the 1st year last year it worked on and off. My wife was complaining so I took it too my local shop and my mechanic put the gauges on and it was right in the perameters of where it needed to be. He told me possibly the clutch pressure switch was bad or stuck . He told me it does this to protect the compressor. This year it will not work. Clutch will not kick over the compressor. Fuses are o.k. relay is o.k. the pressure with my fill gauge that came with kit from auto parts store showed 150 lbs. pressure w/ truck running. I releived the pressure to get it into the safe zone I even tried to jump the system by pulling off clutch cycle switch connector and put a paperclip into it still no go. any help out there please.