2002 Jeep Liberty A/C

My Liberty is misbehaving when I run the A/C. After 5-10 mins it blows out hot air. Then after a restart it works again for a while. The dealer recharged the system and checked for leaks but found nothing wrong.

I brought it back again and it didn’t happen with them. I’ve owned it since new.

Ice may be forming in the A/C tubing/components. You need a specialist to check for that, or something similar.

I will give a really “off the cuff” recomendation, change the low pressure cutoff switch (it is there to cutoff compressor when pressure goes low,by design). These switches usually are cheap,do not require removal of charge and take about 30 seconds to change.If you had to recover the charge to change the switch I would not recomend this “shot”.

Really you need a pro to look at your car,see a AC specialist the Dealer had their chance.