A/C not working clutch not kicking over

I got a 02 Jeep liberty 3.7 4x4. I had the whole A/C system replaced 2 years ago. Last year the a/c worked off and on. My wife complained so I took it in to my local shop and the gauges showed right on. AND the a/c worked fine. My mechanic told me it could be the a/c cycling switch going bad. This year it will not work @ all. The clutch will not kick over. My rinkie dink gauge showed way high pressure 150lbs. so I evacuated some 134 to get back in specs. and then tried to jump it and still no kick over. I could really use some help. I have a multimeter but, how do I check the switch and is that the cause?

Use the meter and check for voltage at the clutch connection with the engine running and the AC on high. If no voltage, get the wiring diagram for the AC and back track for the problem. You might first check the fuses, though.

thanks I checked all fuses which is good I checked the relay good.

You might clarify the 150 lbs. part of this problem.
Static pressure on both low and high sides, high side pressure with the compressor engaged and engine running, or what?

The 150 lbs. pressure was high with engine running