2003 Jeep Liberty ac compressor has no power

My 03 Jeep Liberty so I went and had my ac vacuumed and charged I noticed it was barely working only when it wanted to. Maybe a couple of times a week it would just kick in for a few minutes and never blew very cold well anyway had the system charged and afterwards the ac clutch would not kick on so started checking all the switches high and low pressure and last thing I checked was the electrical plug going to the ac compressor come to find out I have no power going to the compressor so checked the only fuse I knew under the hood and it was ok and also checked the relay under the hood for the ac clutch and their again it was also ok so I’m assuming I have a loose connection somewhere or wire not making good contact at all times. Is their anywhere that would be a good place to start checking first?

Or is their another fuse that I’m not aware of maybe on the inside Bc I don’t have a diagram for that and no owners manual for vehicle to show me.

Power for the compressor should go through the low pressure switch. Try jumping the wire connector at the low pressure switch and see what happens.

Sometimes those switches fail. Keeping in mind I am not familiar with Jeep A/.C, I will say that some switches are adjustable. My Fords have a sealant in the top. When pried out there is a very tiny screw that can be used to adjust the the pressures at which it kicks in. I also found this on some Nissans. Again, that’s just guessing.

Already tried the jumper method and nothing happens other than the engine rpms rev slightly while doing this. The compressor does not kick on.