A Big Milestone

Ford just built it’s 1,000,000th Mustang on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. That’s amazing. Especially when you consider the Mustang II, well Mustang -2. I’m glad they found the right path and started producing good pony cars again. Hey, the genre is even named after them. Is anyone else impressed? A niche car, there have been over a million produced, and there is no end in sight. Sometimes Ford does have a better idea.

Keeping a badge around that long is very impressive. The rumblings are that the next generation of Mustang is not going to bear any resemblance at all to any in the past and it could be that Ford is going to shoot themselves in the foot. Unfortunately.

That’s a million of the newer ones, produced at the Flat Rock Plant. The first gen sold a million in the first 18 months of production. A total of about 3 million of the original ('65-'73) Mustangs were sold before the Mustang II came out, which sold about a million. Since then they’ve sold about 2 million more, so the total is around 6 million.

A guy not too far from me has a collection of cars, mostly race type, and you should see one of the Mustangs he has in his building.
It’s a 1970 Boss 429 heavily optioned with factory A/C and the car has 30k, always garaged miles on it.
There’s not a door ding on it and it’s as clean as the day it sat on the lot when new with every bit of the original paperwork including the window sticker.

My memory is too fuzzy to recall the name of the color but it’s almost a school bus yellow. They said they had considered selling it but were holding off mainly because of the economy. It’s possible that car could bring north of 200 grand.

@texases thanks for clearing that up. I thought I remembered that they broke a million on the first generation when I was still in high school. Here are the figures by year up until 2003. http://fast_wheels.tripod.com/production.htm

The first production year ('63-'64) they sold 500,000, a record for any first year new car!


In 1970 there were 499 Boss 429s made by Ford Motor Company. There were five new exterior colors (Grabber Orange, Grabber Green, Grabber Blue, Calypso Coral, and Pastel Blue) and the interior was available in Black or White & Black.

It’s probably called orange but in the light it still comes across as kind of bus yellow in appearance.
The interior is all black.
I’ve got a camera card somewhere with a number of pics I took at his place. Need to try and post some pics of his cars because he has a large herd of Mustangs, both old and new, along with a sizeable amount of old high performance cars of various other makes Including a Petty NASCAR Hemi Roadrunner.
He also got the first eleven 2011 Cobra Jets to come off the line also… :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere that when the original Mustang first came out, that some restaurant had a sign in the window saying “Our hotcakes are selling like Mustangs!”

I think Alan Mulally has done a fantastic job at Ford. I find it unfortunate that the company that actually began the “retro” styling craze, Chrysler, continues to struggle and now finds itself owned by Fiat, while companies that were years entering the retro market segment like Ford and Chevy are now prospering in it.

Oblivian, I love the sign.

Yep,I think they sold over 400K,the first year alone and lets hope they don’t give us a new"Coke" in its place-Kevin