Barn find of the year

This snake features a larger, 428-cubic-inch Cobra Jet engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission, which has only run 8,500 miles in total. The spark plugs, belts, fan, and hoses are all original. The only items that are not from 1968 are the tires.

Wonder how they plan on getting rid of all the dust without scratching the paint up

“Wonder how they plan on getting rid of all the dust without scratching the paint up?”

I’m told that there are specialty places that will clean barn/garage finds and will remove the dirt but leave the “old” intact.

Looks like it cleaned up NICE. $100K…I’d rather have a new Corvette…

@texases …so would I. If I owned the Shelby GT500…I would have to drive it and driving it would destroy it’s value. A real Catch-22 situation.

Buy a model of one then, I’d drive it around in nice weather

There was a reason these things sold for $5500 when they were new…That’s all they were worth… For about the same money, the Boss 302 was a much, MUCH better driving car…

There’s a market for these basically untouched cars. Those who know how can clean off the dust and make the paint look pretty good. But in this case you want the well earned patina.

Last week on Fast 'N Loud, the guys found a 429 Boss Mustang in a barn in Minnesota(?) or some such northern state. They paid $125k in cash, took it home, paid their detailing guy to shine it up, and drove it to auction. They were hoping for $300k or so, but it went for only $150k or so.

@jesmed - "They were hoping for $300k or so, but it went for only $150k or so. "

That happens a lot, it seems. All that work and they came out a bit ahead. But it’s fun to watch…

Yeah, I don’t know why Richard doesn’t put a decent reserve on the car and keep it for another auction if it doesn’t sell. I guess he can’t afford to have his cash tied up.

I’d probably buy one of those body shells that they sell and build my own Shelby gt500 clone using modern equipment

Richard makes a lot more money on “Fast 'n Loud” by selling at no reserve. It increases the suspense and makes you more likely to watch.

Whoever ultimately buys this car will probably VERY rarely drive it

And that’s a shame

Cars are meant to be driven

Cars are not meant to be trailer queens and gather dust

That’s one of the problems I have with Ferraris, Lambos, and other exotics. They’re not being used for their intended purpose

Agree with @db4690. I’m generally a GM guy but I’d love to get my hands on that Ford for a while.

If I were the new owner, I’d drive the hell out of it, and have some real fun doing it

While obeying the speed limit, of course . . .

Cars sitting in the garage, waiting for the next car show, are unhappy cars, in my opinion

There is no speed limit at the track, and this car is clearly a candidate for an occasional visit to get your ya-yas out.

At these “collector car” auctions, seems like 2/3 of the cars offered roll off the platform unsold…When the seller removes the reserve price, it seems the final selling price disappoints him…Look at the people attending these sales…In a few years, when these cars turn up at estate sales, I think they will have turned out to be poor investments…