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New(er) Mustang

I bought a later model Mustang to replace my '07 GT. The new car is a white 2013 that I added blue LeMans stripes to shortly after it came home. This car has the 5.0 liter DOHC V8 with 420 hp/390 ft-lbs instead of the 3 valve 300 hp/325 ft-lb SOHC engine in the '07. And a 6 speed automatic transmission. A first for me in one of my “toy” cars.

I miss the manual a bit but the 6 speed auto is pretty darn good. The car gets better mileage and its faster! Ahhh, technology. The final drive is shorter at 3.15:1 compared to the 3.55:1 in the '07 but first gear is so high, the multiplication from 1st to final drive is the same as the '07. The 6th gear overdrive is similar to the old 5 speed manual’s overdrive so the engine is turning lower RPM at highway speeds.

Enjoy your new wheels! My neighbor across the street bought himself a new Mustang for his 50th birthday. Always had a truck which he’s keeping for heavy work.

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neighbor drives his laguna seca yr round. he has blizzaks for winter but dont recall if he has 2nd set of rims. he is retired. so i dont see him driving much

I don’t have winter anymore, just rain. I live in Florida. I have big, fat, extreme summer tires on the car for street and track use.

I’ve owned two Mustangs. A '66 289 and (my current toy) a '95 “6” 5 speed. I’m thinking of buying a newer (2017 or newer Ecoboost convertible. Probably one that has been a rental. It will be used in SW FL.

I’d appreciate any comments (+ or -) about the Ecoboost engine, convertible issues and experience with ex-rentals. I have bought and sold used cars all my life (I’m 71) so I know the drill and have had good luck with what I have purchased but I’ve never owned a convertible, ex-rental or a boosted engine. Given the 140 hp "“6” I now have, I think 300+ hp will be plenty of power for me but the GT sure sounds good!

Thanks, MauiJim

I have to say the new Mustangs look freaking fantastic. Especially in black. Ford knocked the visuals out of the park with this one.

We have Ecoboost engines in our work Escapes. I’m underimpressed with that version of them. They aren’t particularly powerful - about on par with budget Hyundais, and they don’t really show any real world fuel savings. I’m sure the non-powerful problem is at least partially mitigated in the Mustang’s version, but I would be surprised if the fuel efficiency were worth demanding the Ecoboost instead of a normal engine.

Ecoboost works great when you’re driving like a grandma to get your EPA ratings, but in actual street driving - not even spirited driving - the fuel savings whoosh out the window as the turbo spools up.

Well, I certainly would hope so.

I’d be more interested in a rental v6 convertible than the ecoboost. Drive them both, see which you like.

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