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Happy Anniversary Ford

100 years ago today the first Ford TT pickup rolled out of the assembly plant. Since then, the F-series became the highest selling pickup and has been for many years. Does anyone have Ford pickup stories they want to share in honor of this occasion? Any other comments?

I hear that 80% of Fords ever sold are still on the road today…

the rest made it home.

:grinning: #OldJoke


Okay, I live in Florida. My GF wanted to go to one of our many springs to swim.
So naturally she had to bring so much stuff we took my F150 4X4 instead of the Mighty Mustang. I plugged the address into my aftermarket GPS. Off we go. Fine and dandy. Miss a turn, went back, GPS put us on a dirt road. I was a little hesitant but okay down the road we went. Turns out GPS was correct but this was a forest service road with soft sand AND water crossings, no bridges, crossed through the water. But we did get to the springs.
Moral of the story check the GPS route before proceeding or drive a Ford 4X4.

There’s a local guy here who still takes his 1919 Ford delivery truck out now and then. It’s a beautiful rig in black, green, and natural wood.

The last time I went to the local Pick ur Part, every Ford truck there was ancient. Can’t say the same for the Chevy’s and Rams.

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I’ve never owned a Ford. My folks had a Mercury, a Falcon, and a Pinto but the closest I ever came was a Lincoln.

I’ll always remember the day my dad took me with him to the Ford dealership to negotiate the purchase price on a brand new 1967 F100 truck. I was just a young’n at the time. But he wanted me to see how successful negotiations work. “Negotiate” he said, “Don’t Negate”. There was a city-based Ford dealership nearby, but he insisted to buy his truck from a farm country dealership 40 miles away. He said the farm country folk needed the profit more than the city folk did. Which was probably true.

My dad told the dealership owner – no separate sales department at this dealership – he only wanted one option: a 4 speed manual transmission with a compound first gear. I still don’t know what “compound” means exactly in terms of the design, but you can go really slow in that compound gear. The dealer says “well, you want a radio, right”. “No radio, just a compound gear” says my dad. The dealer says "I got a truck on the lot ready to go, but it has a radio already installed’. “How much is the radio?” “$200”. “Take it out then” says my dad.

This went on and on for at least 3 hours, debating every single issue including, believe it or not, who pays the sales tax. Finally the two agreed to a compromise. Dad would pay for the radio, but the dealership paid the sales tax. Dad phones up his insurance company, then we drive home in the truck. The curious thing, I don’t recall how we got there in the first place. I’m guessing we must have left that car there, and come back for it later.


Reminds of the old story.
Dealer advertised a free radio installed in any new car purchase.
Guy goes in. “I want the car but I don’t want the radio”.
Dealer. " But the radio is free".
Guy. “I still don’t want the radio”.
Dealer “Okay but I’ll have to charge you $10, don’t tell anyone, I don’t want that getting around”.


My grandfather owned a succession of Ford trucks up to the late 80’s when they sold the farm. Mom had her driving lessons in a 60’s era truck.

The grocery store I work for had a red 1948 Ford F1 as a display piece for at least a year after a big remodel, lost track of how many guys offered to buy it. It’s been moved to a couple other stores since.

Thanks. I will send this joke to my brother who is the only Ford lover in the family. He got that from my father who was a diehard Fordie.

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