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Now that's a nice car

Wish I had play money to spend.

I’m not a big Ford fan, but that’s a nice looking car, inside and out. My only critique is that the front looks too much like a Fusion. Surely they could have made it a little more unique.

I'm not a big Ford fan, but that's a nice looking car, inside and out

Neither am I. But Ford did a great job designing a very cool car.

I could live without the running boards.

I have not been a Ford fan but lately I realize that Ford has come a LONG way. I had a 1999 Lincoln with 200K miles and still ran good, rode good, and every option still worked. My Grandson has a 1999 Taurus with 162 K miles and it is still a good car. And I am convinced that the last Lincolns and Mercurys are great cars. I mean the REAL ones.

Beautiful from all angles.

I LIKE it! Especially the turbo 2.3 L with the track package. 300+ ponies, broad torque, good mileage, lower weight and BIG brakes. Same power as my '07 4.6 L V8, less weight. Would make a great track day car.

I’m not a very big Ford fan but I’ve always had a soft spot for Mustangs. I’ve always wanted to own a 66 Fastback and set a GM 350 in it. My cousin (BIG Ford fan) says that would be tantamount to being sacreligious. I did drive a 2013 Ford Edge back to my local dealer from W Virginia recently as a favor. I was impressed with the fit, finish and performance of that vehicle and I double checked…it was a Ford.

I'm not a very big Ford fan but I've always had a soft spot for Mustangs. -

I’ve always liked the Camaro/Firebirds of the 60’s over the Mustang. But the NEW Camaro tried to make a retro looking vehicle…but missed. I LOVED the previous generation Mustang…and now this one even looks better. Great styling. Excellent looking vehicle. They really hit it out of the park.

It is interesting to note that the article referred to it as a sports car

Pony car isn’t good enough anymore?

Happy they continued with the six instead of forcing the issue with a turbo four. I’m always happy to sacrifice a little economy for longevity and smoothness. Good idea Ford !
I know three guys with these cars and they all agree. The only thing they don’t like about them is; there are too many of them on the road. They just aren’t " that" exclusive. One 6 and two 8s and they love them. Just hope the 4 lives up to te other two.

I’m sure there will be comparisons between the turbo4 v6 and v8 Mustangs by at least one of the car magazines. We’ll have to see which one really performs the best

Sweet. And it truly has that Mustang look.

It’s unfortunate that the Lincoln division of Ford can’t design a decent looking automobile. Lincoln used to be a world class luxury car. They lost the touch and can’t seem to find their way back.

So true.

The Lincolns really look like nothing more than slightly more luxurious Fords

Which they are


A nice car is one I can work on, replace or rebuild any thing needed, get everything fixed with minimal expense for new tools, any car after 1980 (my Estimation) is a disposable commodity. One example, $280 for wheel bearings, 18 bucks would have covered it in the old days,

I really like the looks of the new Lincoln MKZ. It’s based on the Fusion, already a beautiful car, but the Lincoln is more distinctive, especially from the back. I like it better than the rather busy Cadillac CTS (the new one). The Lincoln especially cool with the huge glass roof that slides way back over the rear window. Now that’s a sunroof. Most of the other Lincolns look bad (seriously bad), but that one gives me hope for future models.

Cadillac made the new CTS interior a lot nicer than the last one, but the exterior has a few too many creases and bits of chrome. The front end is especially heavy with its overpowering grille. I like the styling of the ATS better, but it’s a bit too cramped in the rear seat for a Cadillac. Just a little more headroom and it would have been OK. As an entry-level model it’s impressive, and it supposedly handles great.

I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for Lincolns because my grandfather drove them. How I wish he had kept his 1961 Continental, now one of the most celebrated designs of its era. The suicide doors were weird to a little kid, but it certainly felt special to ride around in the back seat with all the leather and power windows. Sigh. About 1968 he traded it for a new model that was much less special and finally, about 1973, for a baby blue Mark whatever that I thought was just hideous (I was about 11).

The Mustang as shown is not a bad looking car at all. From the interior pic it looks like they went overboard with plastic again. My daughter has an '05 Mustang and it’s a great car but the interior is just too plastic for my tastes.

As to Lincolns, the styling on all of them makes me cringe anymore; especially the nose sections.
I can’t believe that hideous, squinty, droop-nose look made it through years of design stages with management signing off on it… :frowning:

Agree on the Lincolns. In fact even Fords. Back in the 60’s they were it. My boss used to buy only Fords and his wife would get a new Lincoln every year. Then one year (I think it was 1965) she got an Imperial for some reason, maybe cheaper or something. She had it only a few months and she was back to Lincolns again. Superior styling and the seats always seemed to be more comfortable. Then they went down the tube.


Your pessimistic attitude about “modern” cars disappoints me

As a mechanic, I find that those modern cars are far easier to work on

I know how to service those tapered roller bearings you’re referring to

But the industry has been moving away from them for some time now

Just as they are moving away from hydraulic steering

As far as anything after 1980 being disposable . . . you seem to have a selective memory. There were PLENTY of crap cars built before then.

No offense, but the goal of auto manufacturers is not to build the car that is easiest to work on. For the majority of buyers, that is not an overriding factor

Looks are a subjective opinion and this is just mine, but I think the 1963 and 1/2 Ford 2 DR HT Galaxie was the prettiest car that FOMOCO ever manufactured.