99 Maxima with possessed console components...HELP!


I’ve owned my 99 Maxima for 5 years and absolutely love it. I plan to drive it till it dies. Shortly after I bought the car, the in-dash clock started malfunctioning. Sometimes it will light up, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes it will keep the time I program, other times it won’t. About six months after the clock started tripping out, the radio volume began blasting itself, going into silent mode, and occationally doing both back and forth until it settles back to the original volume level. Two weeks ago, the lighter, which I use to charge my cell phone, stopped working. Yesterday, my a/c decided it would only blow air when the fan is on high. All other levels, no air comes out. Is it possible that all of these things are related or do I just need to plan my roadtrips without A/C, radio, time, and cell phone? Any suggestion on a cheap and easy fix?


Try pulling fuses until one or more components on the same circuit is isolated.

If things settle down when a particular fuse is pulled, you may have found the culprit.