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After repair, clock is out, keyless entry no longer works, radio antenna no longer raises/lowers

The electronics in my 1997 Nissan Maxima slowly powered off on me while I was driving down the highway the other day?the whole dash, including the radio, just faded out.

It ended up that the alternator had failed and my battery had run out. I had the alternator replaced. After getting my car back from the shop, however, the dashboard clock is completely black, the keyless entry/alarm no longer work and the radio antenna no longer raises or lowers. Otherwise, the car powers on and runs without issue.

A coworker suggested some fuses may have been blown. I checked the most likely fuses and found no open ones.

What other quick fixes or troubleshooting can I try before taking my car back to the shop?

I wouldn’t waste time fooling with it, take it back.

Most likely its the alternator that was replaced. Most alternators you buy at parts houses are after market parts. look at the alternator and see if you have a sticker on it somewhere that says world omni. I have a 95 Nissan Altima and it did the same thing. So I went to a junk yard and got one off a wreck Nissan and had it rebuilt and it fixed all my dash lights. I hope this helps you as well.