99 hyundai elantra manual

2nd 3rd and 4th gear is slipping, is it the clutch or, could it need clutch fluid, i know in automatic if it dont have fluid it will slip, could this be the case in my manual?

No, I’m pretty sure your clutch is either worn out or wet. Either way it will need changing/fixing.

The estimate i got for replaceing it was $800, do they realy cost that much

Shop around. I’d say it’s a little high, but probably not outragous. I’d get a couple estimates and talk to people. Word of mouth is far better than anything else. Contact the state BBB and see if the shop has any unresolved complaints against them. If that price includes a new clutch plate, throw out bearing, and pressure plate, it might be as good as you can find. But for a small, 8 year old car, I would like to see you find someone who can do it for closer to 5-6 hundred. If they find a leaking rear main seal, expect another 100 bucks for that.

The clutch itself doesn’t cost a whole lot, but installing it is extremely labor-intensive. You’re paying mostly for labor.

looking online it has clutch with or without syncros. what is this and do i need it?

Never heard of syncros on a clutch. The syncros I’m familar with are brass (or other soft) metal gears that allow you to shift between gears without stopping the car. They allow the gears to “mesh” without causing any damage between the hard steel gears. But there is a lot of things I’ve never heard of. Expect to pay 150-200 for the parts, then the rest is labor. Crazy, isn’t it? Since it is about a 4-6 hour job at 90 bucks an hour, that puts it another 350-550 in labor. I would probably have them change the clutch slave cylinder if it is internal, otherwise that will get expensive in the future when it goes out. That is another ???$75???but shouldn’t cost more for labot since they already have to be in that area. They might charge $50 to bleed it out.