How is this price for repair

Hyundai 2000 Elantra

1. Change 3 drive belts, parts: $105.95, labor: $160.

2. Transimssion fluid change: $110

I think the price is too high. How do you think. Thanks

It could depend on where you live as the east and west coasts are much higher in per flat rate hour labor charges and whether this estimate is from a dealer, independent shop, etc.

Just offhand it sounds about right based on averages but providing some more info might clarify it a bit.

Sounds about right to me too.

Thanks for all the replys. I am living in Kennesaw, GA. It is my first time to repair a car. Have no idea about auto repair costs.

I don’t know about the transmission fluid change, on my car I had 2 options, 1 to crack the case and replace all the fluid or use the machine that replaces about half the fluid, maybe a transmission guy can help recommend an option, if not I may pose it as a question.

The machine should replace all the fluid. Removing the pan or drain plug usually removes about half the fluid.

Where are you taking this car, Dealership or Mom & Pop type place ? Makes a big difference in price. Try to go to mom & pop place if you can. AKA Independent Mechanic.

Are you following the manufactures recommendations in terms of mileage and technique for the transmission work?

The belt labor time sounds high to me by 1hr,what is the labor on the trans work?at the KIA Dealership I worked we got 1hr for machine transmission flush (we called it a “easy hour”)

I bet I could do those belts in .5hr so double is fair negoiate to 1.5hrs (it looks like he is using $80.00hr labor rate,post back labor rate)

What kinds of repair shop is dealership, independent, or Mom & pop type place? What difference in price among these different shops? I come from a foreign country. The shop I went to is not for a specific maker. Thanks.

Lost City, These “Repairs” Are Ordinarily Just Considered To Be Maintenance.
You stated, “It is my first time to repair a car. Have no idea about auto repair costs.”

Maintenance is done by replacing wear items like belts, fluids, tires, brakes, windshield wipers, etcetera, to prevent things from breaking or causing real wear damage. Repairs are done to fix things that break, sometimes from lack of maintenance, and sometimes leaving a motorist unexpectedly without transportation.

Most of the regulars on this site recommend finding a mechanic that possibly specializes in or is very familiar with your make of car. You need somebody you can develop a trust relationship with and someone that does not charge outrageous prices. Until you find the one, you can call 2 or 3 places when you know exactly what needs to be done and see if estimated prices are in line. You can call a couple places near you and give them your belts and fluids, maintenance items, for an “over the phone estimate”.

I bought a used car with 130k mileage, so don’t know what kinds of repair and maintenance have been done on this car. The labor hour for the transmission fluid is 1 hr. The cost for it is $30+80, I am not sure which one is for the labor.