'04 Tiburon, take off is slow!



Over night my car went from being able to drive normal to taking 1/4 to 1/2 mile to get up to 40 MPH. The engine reves fine in all gears, but getting that power to the wheels doesnt happen untill about 50.

it has 61K, just had (less than 2k ago) an oil change, new plugs, wires, battery, idler pulley, belt. had to get a jump, but before i got those, i tried to pop the clutch, get a little slow down, but no turn on the engine (a month ago i could pop it fine.) In reverse it works fine. So beyond driving backwards everywhere any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Oh, almost for got its a V-6 with a 6-speed manual.


It sounds like you need a new clutch, leave your foot on the clutch pedal until you think you won’t have to shift for a while?


Sounds like a slipping clutch. You say the engine revs fine, but does it rev higher without a matching increase in speed? Particularly in the lower gears? It sounds like the more gas you are giving the car, the more it slips. In reverse you rarely need much power, so it’s less likely to slip. My guess is either you’ve worn out your clutch, or something got on the clutch surface that’s causing it to slip prematurely. Either way, a clutch replacement is in the works.


Ok, thanks.


no, if i am dont leave my foot on it.


would it do it over night?


It will seem like overnight. But it isn’t really.

Yeah, I agree with the others. Your clutch is shot. 61K on an original clutch is not an unreasonably low lifespan. With the proper technique you can get them to last a lot longer, but 61K is common. My personal “best” is 295K on an original clutch.


Well I bought it used, so I dont know the previous record. And its a salvage title. Thanks


turns out the clutch is completely burnt out. 2K from the dealer, 1.5 from one of the local mechanics, 450 + parts I bring from another.