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99 Ford Taurus Radio

I recently bought a 99 Ford Taurus SE that had been sitting in storage for 6 years, replaced the entire fuel system and battery. The engine runs great BUT the radio doesn’t work at all. I checked the fuse in the panel beneath the dash and it is good so what do I do now to make the radio work?

Not positive about 1999 Taurus, but I am betting there is a code you have to put in to activate the radio. It is an anti-theft feature- because the stock radios are so amazing…

You can look through the owners manual and see if this has ever been done before by the previous owner and they left the code for you, but beyond that you’ll likely need to pull the radio out and call your Ford dealer and give them the numbers off of it. Hopefully, they won’t want to charge you for this.

Thanks eddo but I didn’t see anything in the owners manual about a code or anti theft and this was my mothers car that I bought from the estate, so there were never any problems with the car.

I believe this car has a round radio with the HVAC controls built in (Integrated control panel).

Fuses to check for the Integrated control panel and amplifier are #8, #12, #20, #24, #32.

Thanks for the info Nevada, I will check these fuses when I get time and post the results.