Radio does not work

2001 Ford Taurus. The battery died in this car last night. Upon getting jumped, everything was back to normal except the radio does not turn on. I checked the fuse that I believe controls the control panel, and that works fine, which I tested by taking out and verifying the lights did not come on. What else could this be? a different fuse or something else altogether?

You need to check to see if the radio is getting power. It may be on a separate fuse from the control panel. If there is power getting to the radio, the problem is in the radio itself.

Does the radio require a security code to work? Check the owner’s manual. This is a feature built into the radio on my 2000 Blazer. Not sure if Ford had the same feature though.

Ed B.

Not that I am aware of. I checked the owner’s manual because my brother-in-law (mechanic) said it could also be an anti-theft result. Neither of those have solved my issue. Thank you for the idea.

No, your radio does not have theft protection. Unfortunately, your owner’s manual does not identify which fuses are related to the radio. You may have to check all the fuses in all of the fuse boxes (see manual) to find the blown one (the odds are good that it will just be a blown fuse).

Thank you. here’s another novice question - does a fuse always show as broken in order to be ineffective? i took a flashlight to all the fuses and did not see any that were broken. I replaced two of them the manual described as “integrated control panel”, and the issue remains. When I took one of them out, all the lights in this panel went out. When i replaced it with a new one, only the thermostat lights came on (same as before), and the radio lights did not come on. i’ll check the other fuses.

I have 99 Ford Ranger and I had an issue with my battery dying and a radio issue related to it. Evidently in my case the radio had grounded out enternally but not a direct short where it blew the fuse but where it was bleeding power to ground, result was my battery was running down and the radio was not working. I removed the radio and purchased a JVC with wiring harness for my truck and replaced it and that solved the problem with the radio and the battery running down. That was my experience and a possablity in your case.

No, you can’t always see it.