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Need help with radio

My radio display says call how do I fix it

Stock radio or aftermarket? If stock, check with your owners manual/take it to a dealership

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Is there a tiny reset button somewhere on the radio?

Ok I will check for the reset button

If it is a stock radio and you have the owner’s manual, see if it helps figure this out.

Chances are you can pull the radio fuse for a few minutes, it will loose it’s memory and revert back to pre phone defaults.

Can’t find a fuse for it, and now I have a bigger problem to deal with on the car

You might want to check to make sure the source isn’t set to Sirus/XM. When the free trial runs out, most OEM radios will just have a message to call Sirus or call a number to set up an account.

What is the bigger problem, dead battery?

My radio problem is that every time I turn the channel to Rush Limbaugh he says something stupid.


That’s not a problem with your radio…


So, continuing to turn the channel to Rush means you are…??


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Listen to Ann Coulter instead…

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Yes. I have only turned the radio to RL when I have been driving in the boonies and wanted some noise to distract me and couldn’t get any other station. I’ve never heard RL himself; substitutes have always replaced him. Actually, it’s entertaining, like watching the pompous take pratfalls, except they choose to say stupid things, not slip up. Rush called the warnings about Erma a hoax, called on people not to evacuate, then evacuated himself - pretty funny.

OP is here for advice. Do we really want another thread prematurely closed due to political nonsense? I agree with FoDaddy’s theory.


That is simply a lie…and you are truly pathetic.

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Thanks for proving my point.


It’s a stock radio it don’t have XM radio or anything like that the this is under the hood in the fuse box there is a cell port fuse I pull that and the radio don’t work

Can you post a photo of your radio and controls? Is it a touch screen?
When you switch from FM to AM does it still display call? What year?
If it is your Bluetooth link, just press the little handset button on your radio, that might clear it.
But as noted by other posters, if the owners manual is not clear on the procedure the dealer could probably clear it in two seconds.