97 Sonoma transmission

Hey everyone. Just had a quick question in regards to my Sonoma. My 97 Sonoma 2.2l transmission died on me a few weeks back and i happen to have a working 4.3L transmission from an old 2000 Sonoma i once had. My question is will it work? Am I able to bolt the 4.3L tranny to my 2.2L engine? and if they would is there anything else I would require to make it work? Thanks.

Does this vehicle have a Transmission Control Module (TCM)?
If it does, then you will need to install the TCM for the “new” transmission.

However, whether the TCM will communicate properly with the ECM for a different engine than it was originally paired with is a potential problem. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that a 1997 Sonoma’s ECM for a 2.2 liter engine will not communicate properly with a TCM for a newer, larger engine.

I don’t believe it has a TCM all I could find is that it has a power train control module.

I completely forgot to add a bit more info about the trucks into the OP.

Truck I am trying to fix is a autonatic '97 2.2L 2WD Sonoma. Transmission is a 4L60 E.

“New” Transmission came out of a automatic '00 2.2L 2WD Sonoma. Transmission is also a 4L60 E.

My gut feeling is that they will interchange although the big question mark is shift points, output shaft spline number, and so on.

If the shaft splines are the same and the wire plugs are identical I’d go for it. If you live near a major metro area with a decent library it’s possible they have the Hollander Interchange in book form or online in the reference section. Hollander is what many salvage yards used for interchange purposes and shows what fits what.

If you change the transmission out I would strongly suggest changing the torque converter seal on the transmission and the engine rear main seal. It’s easy and cheap to do and better to head that off before swapping the trans out only to have it start leaking after the fact. Murphy’s Law lurking again…

This truck definitely does not have a separate transmission control module

We have lots of Sonomas in our fleet. Both 1997 and 2000, 2.2 and 4.3

Personally, I think there’s a good chance it’ll bolt right up. Whether it’ll work like it’s supposed to, I don’t know

They will not interchange. The bellhousings are totally different. Contact a salvage yard, they have the interchange list of what will and wont work.

"New" Transmission came out of a automatic '00 2.2L 2WD Sonoma.

This contradicts your original post. Which is correct?

The “new” was just a responce to VDC’s post.

Thanks everyone for the information called a junk yard today and definately won’t work. Didn’t even notice until today but the starter opening for the bell housing of the 4.3L is on the passanger side and the 2.2L is on the drivers.

Guess itll have to sit until I buy another 4.3L. I’ll try to find a new 2.2 one on eBay or threw a local salvage yard.