Resetting the TCM

I just replaced the transmission on my 2002 hyundai sonata and the check engine light stays on; my mechanic told me to change the speed sensors and i did but the light still stays on. now i have been told to reset the transmission control module.

anybody have an idea how to reset the transmission control module?

I sense you feel you have “pumped” your mechanic for enough free information. Let me see if I can find anythng, have you done your own “google” search yet?
Looks like you’ve got a little reading to do! Didn’t mean to step on your toes OS.

I just thumbed thru the factory shop manual for my 02 Sonata & theres no mention of resetting the TCM.

As expected, all trouble shooting flow charts are based on transmission trouble codes.

If you have the code/s, post them & i’ll see what I can find.

Perhaps “resetting the TCM” means something to transmission specialists as I have not been asked to do this on any vehicle, but I typically stayed away from transmission work.

Does the car DRIVE ok?? Is the transmission (new, used, rebuilt??) shifting properly, including overdrive and torque converter lock-up? If so try disconnecting one of the battery cables for a few minutes…