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Mustang 1994

My son is building his dream car. He has a 1987 engine and transmition going into a 1994 body style. He doesn’t have the wire harness that goes from the trany to…Does he need to buy a 1987 harness or a 1994 harness? Thanks bunches for any info!

Provided you’re talking about automatic transmissions, the 87 will have an AOD transmission, it’s hydraulically/mechanically controlled, there is no harness since the transmission is not electronically controlled. The 94 has the AOD-E transmission which is electronically controlled, it has wiring that connects to the engine’s ECU, if your swapping in the 87 engine and transmission, you need to worry about connecting the transmission to a computer. However there maybe some electrical anomalies caused by this swap.

Thank you for the information. I will let him know, yes it is an automatic transmission, and I know he is getting frustrated trying to figure it out. I don’t know if your response will be a blessing or just add to his frustration, but I know he will appriciate it non the less!

Is the transmission question the only one stumping him right now or is it the engine controls wiring?

Another question would be if the '94 Mustang was originally a 5.0 car or a 3.8 V-6 car?
Each version uses a completely different ignition system. The 5.0 has the TFI-IV and the 6 cylinder does not.

Well, on an emissions standpoint, if it’s going to be driven on the street, it’s against EPA regulations to install or alter any pollution control devices on a vehicle unless it meets the specifications for that vehicle year. So installing an engine from a 1987 vehicle with it’s emission controls into a 1994 vehicle violates this regulation. And if you’re caught doing this, the fines can add up to $20,000. Just a warning!