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97 ford aerostar van

I have a 1997 ford aerostar van that i recently aquired through some family,when i got it it was running fine but has recently started having troubles.The Question i have is this i put my car in drive or reverse and push the gas pedal the car doesnt move…we have tried putting transmission fluid into it and that helped temporarily. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be except just a bad transmission?

Thanks in Advance,

is it the all wheel drive ? it could be transfer case.
It could be rear axle too . Get it up on a hoist to what’s moving and what’s not.

I’m assuming the engine revs but the car doesn’t move. Does it move in any of the other gears? 1st or 2nd for example? Or does it fail to move no matter how the gear shift lever is positioned?

If so, and if you are lucky, it could be the linkage between the gear shift lever and the xmission has come loose. Could be drive line problems, as mentioned above. But more likely this is an xmission problem. If the xmission hasn’t been serviced per the owner’s manual recommendations, that might be the first place to start. If that doesn’t fix it, an xmission shop will probably be your best bet.