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My Jerky Aerostar

When I drive my 93 Aerostar in overdrive and I start up a hill or decelerate, my truck jerks. It only doe’s it in overdrive, the speedo doesn’t fluctuate but the check engine light is flashing. It only stays on for a minute or less, so I haven’t been able to get a code reading other than there’s nothing wrong.This started once before about 3 wks ago, but stopped when I put heet in the gas. I have been told that if I have a bad plug or wire that would make it jerk? I do have 1 plug that I cant get out, so prep-haps that’s the problem. If anyone has any suggestions let me know

Based on the subject line of your post, I assumed it was an overall derogatory comment regarding the overall quality (or lack thereof) of your vehicle. Your problem could be one or more of the following:

Fuel, clogged lines or fuel filter
Spark, wires, plugs or timing
transmission shifting
control computer

Take it to a competent independent mechanic and have them check it out. Too many interrelated systems to diagnose from here.


There wasn’t any derogatory remarks about Ford trucks I’ve had many and they run good, haul good, and are usually easy to repair. I just can’t get a code reading on this one. I guess it,s not broke enough yet. There have already been two reputable garages that got a not broken reading today, so I was looking for an experienced guess not a lesson on when to seek competent help. But thanks for the other ideas.