97 Camry shifter lamp

Hi Folks!

I’ve replaced all of my burned out dash lamps, but the the center console has stumped me.

Anyone have advice on getting to the burned out bulb?

You need to figure out how to pull the center console. So I guess I’m not sure I understand the question. These are generally attached with various screws and various kinds of push clips, and you need to figure out the right sequence and kinds of clips including what should be done to undo them. (A repair manual might help).

Had the same problem with my wifes 02 Sonata & as cigroller mentioned a quick look at the factory shop manual solved the problem.

The tray that surrounds the shift lever is held in with spring clips.

By simply prying around the edges the entire tray lifts up & over the shift lever.

Probably the same setup on your Toyota.

Got it! This did the trick–illustrated with pictures… not a 97 Camry but similar.