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2001 Camry Gear Selector Trim

I have to replace the plate at the base of the shift lever that has the gear letters on it. It looks like I have to remove the gear selector knob to be able to lift the trim plate up and off the selector - because the slot in the trim plate where the selector shaft moves forward and backward is narrower than the selector knob. I have the console open and have exposed the shift mechanism. But it is not clear to me how I remover the selector knob. Any help would be appreciated.

When I run into this problem…I search google for a blow-up parts diagram for your make and model. That or check Autozone, rockauto or JC Whitney and see if the have the part pictured from many angles. Gear shift knobs used to all screw off counter clockwise in the old days but those days are gone forever. We could probably find an answer for you quicker if you had included the model and the year #.


I seem to recall that some of the toyota auto trans shift knobs were secured with two small philips screws

It simply unscrews.

Not sure how yours works, but on my 90’s Corolla with a manual xmission the gear shift knob unscrews by simply turning it (by hand, very little force required) ccw.

Inspect with a bright light and mirror. Either unscrews, or there is a clip or pin to pull out to release it. Rule of mechanical engineering-what is put together can come apart again.

Remove the two forward-facing phillips-head screws.


That is exactly how it is on my 2005 Camry