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Gear selector back-lighting

My gear selector went dark yesterday and I’m trying to figure out how to install a new bulb.

I pried off the plastic gizmo as you would to access the Shift-lock (or unlock?) mechanism, but I’m not sure how to uninstall that entire assembly:


I have a feeling it’s going to take an hour and some swearing to get it done.

Any ideas?


that looks very similar to the one in the last generation of Integra Honda made. You need to remove the shift knob (which is a lot of fun in an automatic) and then remove the center console. There are screws under the steering wheel, behind the glove box door, and along the sides of the console that you’ll have to remove. Be very careful, because there are also little plastic tabs that help center the console, and you don’t want to break them.

BTW, try giving it a hard tap with the side of your fist first - - sometimes the bulb just gets slightly loose.

Sounds like this will be just as much fun as changing the cabin air filters, which required 20 min. and some cussing.

No, it’s MUCH worse than that. You may have to remove the seats in order to remove the console. These bulbs are seldom if ever replaced…

If it’s like the Integra he won’t, though he might need an angled phillips-head to get at the two back screws.

If you think changing the cabin filter in your car is bad, try doing it on a 3g TL :wink:

If I remember correctly, open the center console and remove the two screws that secure the bin. Remove the bin. Under the bin are two screws that secure the rear of the console bezel. Remove those two screws. Remove the ashtray and you’ll find two screws that secure the front of the console bezel. Remove those screws. Now pry up gently on the bezel to release the clips. This should gain access to lamp so it can be replaced.