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How do I remove the gear shifter for my 97 Cutlass Supreme?

I spilled coke into the gear shifter. This is causing my car to no longer move from reverse to park, vice versa. I have already removed the center console and can see the shifter, but I have absolutely no clue as to how to remove it from the vehicle and disassemble it so that I can wash it. Does anyone have directions for how to do this? Or better yet, a link to some sort of repair manual I can use?

This is sad to say, but I only remember removing the shifter boot, console and replacing the cable. I cannot remember how to remove it from the car completely. There should be some mounting hardware directly into the floor. It could be the shifter now has studs that push through the floor and have nuts holding them on from underneath. I just cannot remember. As for the problems you are having, maybe just cleaning the push button assembly and applying some lube to the shifter cables where they slide in the sheath could be enough to get it moving again.