Automatic Transmission Cable Replacement

Removing the cable from the transmission is straightforward but how do I get into the console to unattach the cable from the gearshift on a 2003 Toyota Camry?

Down load the service manual free at:

The instructions for removing the console are in it. I got the manual for my 1999 there.

And make sure the new cable is adjusted properly or you run the risk of burning up the transmission.

I really appreciate the heads up on the site. I searched all of the manuals and couldn’t find anything about removal of the console around the gearshift. It’s probably really easy and just pops off but I don’t want to do something stupid and break the plastic. Thanks again for your time and kindness.

Read section 40 starting on page 39 it details all that needs to be removed and refers you to section 71 starting on page 12 for instructions. It’s not real clear but it is in Section 71
71 - Instrument Panel/Meter - Combination Meter, Dash, Clock
page 17