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95 sls turn signal problem

My 95 sls started having problems with Its turn signal a while ago. The dash lights show that it is on and the turn signal reminder dings at me. The lights all function properly, however at random the hazard light and the left turn signal on the dash will light up and wont stop dinging at me until I signal left. It will continue to do this to me for a random amount of time and it getting really annoying. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

@NorthStarLover “Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?”

Yes, it’s a 19 year-old Cadillac SLS.

You are probably looking at a Body Control Module. That’s a computer that controls your car’s bodily functions. Prohibitively expensive new, and difficult to find GOOD used.

Or it could be the Multifunction switch on the stalk causing the problem. The turn signals run right into the Instrument cluster and don’t use a BCM. According to the prints the Hazzard and Turn Signals are in one switch.

I stand, or sit, corrected.

Either way, it’s still a 19 year old car. Things go wrong.