Taurus turn signal

I know this sounds dumb, but can anyone tell me where the turn signal flasher is in a 93 Taruus? I can’t find anything in the owners manual and I need to try the least expensive fix. Thanks

It might not have one. A lotta Fords have an LCM, lighting control module. Many functions are centralized on one expensive board, headlight relays, defroster relays, signal flashers,…

I am not saying that you have an LCM and not a flasher, but it is possible.

My book says it’s located on the left hand side of the instrument panel above the fuse block. One screw holding the bracket and it says one should depress a plastic nub to release it.

Are you sure the flasher unit is at fault? Both sides out, dashboard indicators on but no flashing, not on at all, etc.?
Point being that there are a number of reasons the lights may not be flashing.

I’m not sure of the fault. The turn signals work ocassionally usually when the heat is on. I just hope it’s the flasher, the less expensive the better.