1997 Seville SLS Dashboard Lights flash

My 1997 Seville’s dashboard has started to light up and flash. The Gear lights (N,D,1,2,3) flash on and off, all of the warning lights come on. When this starts, after about 5 seconds, the radio will go off and the A/C will stop cooling and the fan will blow on high. All of the guages on the dashboard stop working (gas, etc.) and the seat controls won’t work. When it starts flashing immediately upon starting the car, the emergency brake will not release.

A reputable garage here in Bradenton replaced the ignition switch for $475 because they said that was the problem. It wasn’t.

The Cadillac dealer replaced the Electric Brake control module 4.72 due to EBTCM failure and sent the IPC to Specmo due to loss of communications between all Modules IPC.

I have no idea what any of this means, however, the charge was $1,080 and it still isn’t fixed.

Please, someone help.



Since the shop replaced the ignition switch thinking that would solve the trouble it sounds like they need to check things over again to see what the real problem and fix it. You paid for a repair you really didn’t get so they should be the ones to correct it. I think they had the right idea as where the trouble was because that was my first thought also but it seems they didn’t prove it really the trouble. Perhaps the trouble was not occuring when they had it and replaced the switch thinking that would take care of the trouble. The real trouble may be in the wiring to the ignition switch or possibly after it. If there is a relay in the path that would be suspect. All the items you mentioned having trouble are controlled through the ignition switch.

I am having same issue with my 1996 Cadillac SLS. Did you ever repair or figure out the issue?