Turn signal problem

on my 2004 taurus, when i use my signal to do a turn, then rotate the wheel, and after i rotate it i preceed to rotate it back. then the singal doe snot go off and i can drive with it on. wat is my problem, and would it be cheap to fix or could i do it myself

Doe snot is nasty stuff. (sorry.)

Your problem is the little $10.00 plastic cancel cam that sits in the steering column and clicks the turn signal arm back down in to place. Usually they break when you hold the signal arm in place while you’re turning the wheel.

Anyway, if you had an older car, I’d say go ahead and do it yourself, but it requires removing the steering wheel and it’s reasonably deep in the column, so unless you’re pretty confident in your mechanic skills (and not afraid of the airbag), you might want to take it in and have it in. Hopefully the labor will not be murder because as I said, the part is about $10.00.

yea i will probably have someone do it because my car is fairly new, 2004. and thank you

its a #$%^& to do. get help. find a good mechanic. you dont want to get into this yourself. i helped a friend do this, and his truck has never had a good blinker, hi lo switch, and wiper since. we took it apart twice and still didnt get it right.

so I learned to go to the pros for this.