95 Ford Taurus 3.8 l

I have a 95 Ford Taurus 3.8L automatic. I have been looking for the Ignition control Module on this thing for the past week. There is a spot for it on the distributor, but it isn’t there. I also checked the radiator as I have heard that they are sometimes moved there because of overheating issues relating to the location on the distributor. It’s not on the radiator, distributor, or firewall. I have also checked the fenders for something that would resemble the module, no luck. I am desperate to get this thing fixed! Can anyone please help me?

It’s mounted on the distributor

Here’s the ICM for that engine.



The year 1995 was about the end of the line for the TFI modules and at some point before that I’m reasonably sure that Ford relocated the module; maybe under the cowl vent on a heatsink???

Another part of my fuzzy memory seems to recall they may have done this on only the cars with the 3.8 and not the 3.0 but that statement may not be correct. I’m working off memory which can get pretty cloudy at times. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you, Tester. But it really isn’t on the distributor. Ok, I do have a 3.8, my manual says distributor, but as I said, not there. Where is the cowl vent? Thank You, new place to look. That brings me hope.

Then somebody must have installed a relocation kit for the module.

Here’s an example of such a kit.


Ok, I wondered about that as it was suggested. Just want to make sure that isn’t the powertrain control module. What I am looking at is on the passenger side, behind the glovebox on the firewall.

Thank you for working so hard to help me Tester! I most definitely appreciate it! I did see that online, and checked out the radiator. Again, no luck! This is frustrating. Lol

Ok4450 is right on the money. I still have the factory wiring diagrams for my 95 Taurus, on the 3.0 the module was still on the dist…

On the 3.8 it mounts to the passenger side cowel just below the windshield. (wish I could post a picture) It’s about midway from the center of the windshield to the passenger fender with a 6 wire connector.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I told my boyfriend that was it, but really, how would a girl have any idea. LOL You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you sooo much!

As a double-check, there should be wires going from it to the distributor. You could trace them by their color-code to see if that’s where they go.

Blah!! If that is the ICM, then where would the powertrain control module be? Everything online says that is the PCM. :frowning:

Nope! They lead to a larger wiring?? that leads back into the firewall way down almost level with the bottom of the engine. So, yeah, guess this girl didn’t have any idea. Lol

The PCM is about 1 foot below the ICM.

As they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Stop by your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer parts dept. and see if one of the guys will make you a copy of page 151-8 in the 1995 Taurus electrical & vacuum troubleshooting manual.

151-8 will show you the location of the ICM & PCM.

Will do!!! THANK YOU so much, 87_Ranger!!!

I might ask why you suspect the module? There are some overlapping issues so that is my reason for asking.

it stalls out more and more frequently. If I let it sit for a little while, it will restart. It started with a very brief loss of power driving at normal speeds, then it would stall on occasion, but restart immediately, then began stalling more often and taking a few minutes before it would restart. Every time it was while I was driving, not during idle, or accelerating. Now, however, it won’t crank from a cold start on occasion. There have been no noticeable power losses with acceleration. I am considering the fuel regulator, the relay, and the pump, I can hear the pump come on. This just sounded like the more likely culprit, but I am open to any suggestions.

A failing ignition module can mimic a failing fuel pump and the pump is certainly a possibility.

A couple of other possibilities could be an iffy CCRM or ICRM (same thing, different nomenclature but basically a box of relays) or a failing ignition switch.

The CCRM/ICRM controls fuel pump operation, A/C operation, cooling fans, etc and the wiring pins in the connector are small. This can lead to poor contact due to high current flow.

The switch can fail over time due to the current draw by the cabin blower motor. The current is fairly high even on a new blower but once wear sets in the draw goes up substantially. That current is routed through the switch instead of a separate relay. (Bone head electrical engineering…)

There are some tests that can be done on the ignition module but they may not be valid unless the module suffers a hard failure.

This gets a bit involved and hate to get into an overload situation. You might consider getting an aerosol can of carburetor cleaner and the next time you have a no-start or dying situation spray a shot of that into the intake through a vacuum line. If it starts and runs for a few seconds that will at least narrow it down to a fuel issue although that is tied in with the ignition.

Thank you ok4450. At this point, I still can’t locate the icm. I was going to take that to Autozone and have them test it. There is fuel in my oil, so I am definitely, considering the pump as well. The last owner bypassed, what I am guessing is a relay, because the car would die whenever the air conditioner was turned on. I have no idea what else they “Bypassed”.
I will try the carb. cleaner the next time I have issues. At this point, I have just cleaned the ignition coil as it was corroded, replaced the fuel filter, and put it back together. I’m actually afraid to drive it anywhere because I’m pretty sure that it is not fixed just by cleaning the coil pack.

Unburned fuel in your oil usually means an ignition problem unless your car has a fuel pressure regulator that has failed.