1995 Ford Taurus - Sudden Death Syndrome

I have a 1995 Taurus SE, 3.0 V6, Automatic with just under 160,000 mile on the odometer. The car sat in the driveway for two weeks while my wife was away. When she went to drive it after her return, the car just died about a quarter mile down the road without warning. She was able to restart it and get it off the highway into a parking lot. I went to check it out later in the day and was able to restart it and get it back to the house. It sat in the driveway until I could get to it this past weekend. I started it without any problem, drove it several miles, ran as good as it has been before this problem occurred. I thought it was okay until I got in it the next day to make sure before I turned it back over to my wife. Drove it down the highway just as the day before and it just died. I waited a few minutes, restarted it and headed back to the house. It died again, restarted it, drove some more, died again, restarted it, drove some more, died again, restarted it, got it to the house where it died again as I was backing it into the driveway where it now sits waiting for your response as to where I might start looking. Thanks!

My first thoughts are fuel filter/pump and/or alternator.

Another possibility may be the ignician module.

I know some Fords of that era including the Taurus/Sables had a recall for faulty ignician modules. If it falls under a safety recall you will be covered. If not, with your cars age and milage I would be doubtfull it would be covered under an option recall the manufacturers do as a courtesy or service.

Check out Alldata.com to check for the recall information.

I believe this model is the last one to use the TFI-IV ignition module and these modules can cause the problems you’re having. Testing them is pointless as they may test fine and still be bad.

There are a few other things such as a failing fuel pump or ignition switch that could also cause this but the module is probably suspect No. 1.

There was a settlement by FOMOCO on these modules in regards to a class action lawsuit. You could contact Ford and they may (it’s real iffy at this point) pay for or reimburse you for the cost of it.
I actually think the time frame is past for making a claim on them but it does not hurt to ask.
A couple of years ago I got a letter out of the blue that said I could get reimbursed if receipts were provided (which I had on 2 cars). So I filled out the forms, waited about a year for the wheels of justice to turn, and Ford cut me a check for modules on both cars, which were 15 years old at the time.
Most they can do is say no, sorry.

Just a note to let you know what solves the problem.
I had the ignition lockset and switch assembly replaced. Problem solved. In this case it probably was the worn out lockset that was the culprit.

Thanks for y’all’s input.