Ignition Module for 1984 Taurus


Where is the ignition module located on the 1984 Ford Taurus. It’s the only thing that has not been replaced to keep the car from dying without warning!



[b]The ignition module is the plastic component mounted to the side of the distributor.



I didnt know they made a Taurus in 1984.


Yeah, the Taurus wasn’t made until 1986 MY.


My mistake! It’s a 1994!


I was in error about the year. It’s 1994. it is NOT where you would usually find it! We found it this morning attached to the fire wall behind a metal plate!
We changed it out and the car STILL just stops without warning. The car dies and won’t start for about 30 minutes.


My first guess would have also been the ignition module as they are a common problem.
Does the car sputter before it dies or does it just flat quit with no coughing or anything else?

Sputtering could be the fuel pump or fuel pump control circuit related.
If it instantly quits, and since the ignition module is not the problem, you might consider the electrical part of the ignition switch.

The switches are plastic and other than a multitude of low current draw items, the cabin blower motor current is supplied through the ignition switch.
The cabin blower draws quite a bit of current even when near new and as the motor wears the current draw goes up considerably.
This translates to more heat and over time the plastic switch will distort and cause the contacts to lose their connection.

About the best way to determine this (unfortunately) is to probe the ignition coil with a test light (green wire/red tracer if I remember right) and note if the light illuminates when the key is in both the START and RUN positions.

If the switch is bad the steering column has to be dropped down and (memory again) there are some anti-theft bolts that have to be drilled out.

After the second switch failure on my old Sable I added an additional relay under the dash and wired the blower motor into that relay. This allowed the blower motor current to bypass the ign. switch completely.
No more problems.
Hope that helps anyway.


Thank you for your response. The car gives no warning at all. You are driving along and then NOTHING, or you are driving, stop for a light and step on the accelerator, and nothing happens…it’s dead. So it is not a matter of moving or standing still. It just isn’t “started” any more. We broke down and had it put on a computer ($90.00!!!) to determine that some little “pigtail” wasn’t connecting properly and when it would lossen up, the car dies. We are repairing it tomorrow. If that doesn’t work…by the way, when it is running, there isn’t even a slight miss in the timing! Hums and purrs like it is brand new.