How do you tell if your "integrated relay control module" is bad

I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. How do you tell if the “integrated relay control module” is bad? I have been having trouble starting my car. It won’t turnover. I got a 543 code from a ford OBD 1 digital code reader. The 543 fault code read: fuel pump secondary circuit fault. I replaced the fump pump about one year ago. I think the problem is the relay control module. How can I be sure?

I had a similar problem with my '93 Tempo. I got a module from a junker and swapped it out to confirm the diagnostic guess. I’ve heard that the module can be disassembled by drilling the rivits and the individual relays inside it can be replaced. Haven’t tried it myself.

I would run a hot wire and a push button switch right to the starter. Push the button, engine cranks. Simple. Reliable.

The Integrated Relay Control Module (IRCM) contains a voltage inverter, an A/C clutch control, a relay for the fuel pump, EEC (engine computer) Power Relay, and the radiator fans relays. It doesn’t control the starter.
You need wiring diagrams for the fuel pump and the starter circuitry. Here are wiring diagrams which includes the IRCM on page 25: