1988 Taurus needs help


I have a 1988 Ford Taurus 4 cyl fuel injected that occasionally stalls. Sometimes it restarts quickly, sometimes it takes 10 - 15 minutes. I have had it tuned up, a 3 step injector cleaning done and all filters replaced. I also notice that sometimes while driving at speed it loses power and I have to pump the gas to get it back. Any ideas. I know its an old car but it has been very dependable until this started. It only has 68K on the OD.


The fuel system may be losing pressure.

Possibly from a worn fuel regulator or a weak fuel pump.


If not a fuel problem…It could be the ignician module. They have been know to go bad in the Taurus V6’s.

Is the engine hot when it happens?


It could be a fuel pump going bad, but something you might consider is the ignition module.
Your Taurus is one of the TFI-IV cars that were prone to module problems.

It’s the little gray module on the side of the distributor. It’s not too expensive and easily replaced. Checking them with a tester is an exercise in futility; they may check fine and still be bad.
The symptoms car vary from cutting out to just flat stalling. Restarts may be 5 minutes or 2 hours.

If you change the module yourself, you MUST use the tube of electrolytic grease that comes with the new module. Failure to do so will fry the new module shortly.

Do a net search for TFI-IV Settlement if you want to read a few details on this problem. Hope that helps.