94 tauris sho

94 sho runs smooth for several miles then dies and wont restart for aprox 2 hours.

Does that Yamaha racing engine use the Ford engine controls/EEC-4?

If it does the ignition module at the base of the distributor might be getting hot & going open.

See the comments from blue beast at this link & try cooling it off to test for this.


I replaced ignition module and coil pack with ones from wrecking yard. neather helped when engine had already died but did work after engine had cooled down.I dont think that the 3.2 uses a dristributer and I noticed that both cars in wrecking yard had missing cam position sensors.I apologize for not including this info in original posting.

Have you checked for fuel pressure during the no start conditions? Checked for spark during the no start?

aprox 30 psi fuel psi.I had spark at least intermitent at plug wires I dont know if interminent spark was a bad connection with timing light or actual intermitent spark.I have not checked spark at fuel injectors