Runs very rough on restarts when warm

94 exploder, 110k miles, runs fine except on restarts shorly after car was turned off. Then it runs very rough and dies. After a few restarts or after about 15 minutes it will start and run fine. I changed plugs and wires, no difference.

I would suspect a dirty or faulty idle air controller.

Is this a V8? Typically Ford IACs tend to act poorly all the time unless they improve with warming up. If it is the IAC, you should be able to start it and run at low engine speed with just enough pressure on the accel pedal to open the throttle plate a little.

You, Dale, can help cut the diagnostics in HALF. All you have to do is determine if the problem is fuel caused, or ignition caused. Do this with a spray of Starting Fluid (or, equivalent) into the intake tract when it doesn’t start. If it starts, and runs, a few seconds, it’s NOT a spark problem. If it doesn’t start, test for spark with a test light, or test spark plug.

OK, I will get the book out and investigate the Air Idle Controler.

To respond to the other guys, It is a V-6 and throttle pressure does not affect how it runs. There is no lack of spark that I can detect, Ouch. Clamp on timing light works all plugs. I just wish you could still time engines, mine pings on any grade of gas. I guess it is what I get for buying FORD. My Dad is probably laughing at me saying that he always told me that Fords just proved that Dodge was good for something, “Friggen Ole Rebuilt Dodge”. I won’t repeat what he had to say about The Dodge van I bought some years ago. If he was still with us, I would still be hearing it. I thought it was a great van too.