1993 SHO loss of ignition

My 17 year old daughter has a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO 3.2L which will completely shut off while driving and have no spark. It will go about 5 miles before the engine just quits. Sometimes it will restart in 5 minutes, sometimes it will take it sitting for four hours. It is like once the car reaches a certain temperature it turns off. I have replaced the coil pack, the ignition control module, the ignition switch, and the engine control computer. It has a Cam sensor which I have not replaced, it being a magnet it seems to me if it were bad, it wouldn?t revive itself. It acts like some sort of sensor is turning off the ignition, but I can?t think of any other component or sensor which would completely shut off spark after the car has warmed up. Once the car is warm and has restarted it runs like a charm and won?t quit until the next cool down and restart phase. I had the OBD 1 code read and it did have a code 4095 listed, but I could not find the definition of the code. Does anyone have any ideas?

A 1993 Ford will output 3 digit codes, so that 4095 is bogus.

Theres a cam sensor which times the injectors & a crank sensor which times the ignition.

Have the codes pulled again & see if you get anything that would indicate a bad crank sensor.

The second set of codes “continuous memory” are the most important.