93 izuzu rodeo spark prob?

while driving down the road (about 10 to 50 mile depending on outside air temp) the engine would start jerking. you have power then you dont. turn the key off and let coast for about ten seconds start it back up and then its good for a little bit. the other day it died all to gether and would not start back up for about an hour. checked the spark and no spark. i am thinking about replacing coil packs but not sure. was told to check the feul pump and is working fine. someone please help.

Well if you’re NOT getting any spark then it’s NOT the fuel pump.

When it won’t start…get a volt meter and place the positive of the meter on the - terminal on the coil, then ground the - wire on the mter. Have someone turn it over and see what happens (a analog meter will be better here). If the needle jumps then it means you’re getting a signal to the coil…which means the coil is bad. If there is no voltage then the problem is in the distributor.

i tried and is showing spark now. but it only stopped running once any other time it just jerks on accelaration (again depending on time running) when it is cold it runs fine when it warms up is when i have the problem. i have noticed when it is hot outside it will happen in about 10 miles down the road. the cooler it is it may take upto 50 miles to do so. ty for the reply

If you’re sure about the no-spark condition then you should check and make sure power is being provided to the primary, or hot side, of the ignition coil.
You should have power in both the RUN and the START positions. This can be tested with a test light.

Maybe you have a failing ignition switch.

If you have power at the coil and no spark then it’s more than likely a faulty ignition module, coil, or Hall generator in the distributor.