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1995 f700 stalls

Fuel injected 429 (same as 460). Will run for 10-30 minutes then stall and not restart until 5-60 minutes later. Has fuel pressure at rail. Any ideas?

Check for a defective ignition control module mounted on the side of the distributor.


Does that mean replace ignition control module? Or is there a testing procedure? I know it’s pretty inexpensive but just curious.

On a hard failure it’s possible to test one and find a fault. In a lot of intermittent cases testing may not mean much as the failures are heat related.

It’s possible if you have the testing instructions in hand and currently have a warmed up vehicle with a no-start then testing may show something if you work quickly.
Otherwise, any delay in testing can show a good module when in reality it’s not.

I found out the hard way a long time ago with a removed and powered up module just how hot those things get on the mounting surface and that’s without engine heat applied to it. You can fry an egg (a small one anyway) on it.

I think you’ll find that mounted on the radiator support…not the distributor.

That module can cause intermittent failures such as this and the bench test will indicate no problem. Replacing that module usually ends the problem. But not always.

I bought the ignition control module, pick up coil, ignition coil, thinking I would change them one by one until I get it. I started to work on it and decided to try to spray a little water on the engine while it was running to see if there might be a short or water getting somewhere it shouldnt. As soon as the water got near the distributor it died. I ended up changing the whole distributor with a pickup coil already installed from autozone. 59$. I used a bunch of dialectric grease and so far it is running good. I havent taken the other parts back yet because I’m not convinced yet. We’ll see I guess. Thanks for the advice!!