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94 nissan quest xe windshield washer electrical system

It doesn’t get electrical signal to the front windshield. The back works fine. where can i find a schematic or wire diagram for my mechanic to troubleshoot the problem?

Autozone’s website has a repair manual section. You just have to register your email address & plug in the car’s info. Look for the “Repair Info” button at top. There is normally a section for wiring diagrams and they are often pretty extensive (though their coverage does vary a lot by vehicle).

The other thing you can try is your local public library. Some can get you access to Alldata which will have the diagrams.

I really hate to say this, but if your mechanic doesn’t have the resources to locate a schematic maybe you should rethink your mechanic. They are usually available in the service manual or through alldata, mitchell online and others that mechanics all over use. Just an aside you can download a service manual with the elec schematic free at

I found it I guess your mechanic could have too.