Mystery mechanical problem

our 2001 Nissan Quest with 201,000 miles has recently started having some strange issues. The speedometer will suddenly drop to zero, and after a few seconds, come back up and work correctly. A couple of times, this was associated with the engine “chugging” and topping out at about 50 mph. If I stop, it will resume and run normally. I would love for this car to last me 2 more years. Please give me some hopeful news this is not a sign of something catastrophic happening.

Are there any CELs?  (Check Engine Light) 

My guess is it is not going to be too difficult to find and not too expensive.  Unless there is a CEL it may take a little guesswork to find the problem.  Someone with experience with the make model and year would be very useful.

 I am thinking it is a poor electric connection.  These problems tend to respond with hands on examination.  

 Is all the recommended maintenance been done / up to date? 

 Maybe someone here may be familiar with your specific car.

No CELs. It’s definitely something to consider. Thanks!

Sounds like a speed sensor issue. Should be cheap to fix.

Just got it back yesterday. they replaced the speed sensor. So far so good!