Instrument cluster LCD screen for 04 Nissan Quest

Unfortunately, I have an 04 Nissan Quest. On the instrument cluster, below the speedometer, there is a little LCD screen that shows the odometer reading, the engine temp and the fuel gauge. On my quest the lcd isn’t working properly. Every time I turn the van on some random assortment of pixels will either be faded or not there, making the gauge nearly impossible to read. I know there are places online you can mail your cluster to to have them fix it. I can’t wait for the turnaround time. Replacement clusters are i possible to find. I’d like to fix it myself and I know there is a way but I don’t know what it is and no one will tell me how to fix it for fear I’ll start infringing on their business.

The picture below is for an 05 Quest SL. I have an 04 Quest S, but the picture will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. It’s the little screen at the bottom of the speedometer.

They’ll swap out the whole cluster, not just the screen. A tech may need to download info from old to new , I’m not sure on this one.

There are places besides Nissan to get clusters, but I’m not sure if they sell to DIY or only to shops.
Places like ; 866-573-2740 717-898-2552
DNA speedometers 813-875-8226
and many others

Who will? The dealership?

Dealer or your local indy mechanic.
They’ll call ahead to get a replacement programmed and sent to them.

Unfortunately all of the places online want me to mail them my instrument cluster, fix it for me, and then mail them back, they don’t just sell re-manufactured clusters directly to people. I can’t wait that long for the mail both ways and however long it takes them to fix it. As I said in the original post I’d rather fix this myself (and I know it can be done), than shell out a ton of money to the dealership.