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94 GMC Sierra Damaged Window Track

The driver side track on the bottom of the window has rusted out on my 1994 GMC Sierra pickup. Every place I’ve talked to that is supposed to handle glass repairs either doesn’t fix this kind of thing or just plain doesn’t want to attempt to fix it. The only advice one place would offer is to buy a new window with a good track on it, nevermind that I have no idea how to get the old one out without breaking it or putting a new one in. I know they sell just the track for these windows, but I don’t know how to remove the old one without breaking the glass. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

The inside door panel is first removed.

Then the window is then lowered so the hardware that holds the window to the regulator aligns with the access holes in the door.

Once the hardware is removed the window is lifted out of the door.

The regulator is then removed. The regulator may be bolted to the door or riveted to the door. If it’s riveted the rivets have to be drilled out.

Once the regulator is removed, then tracks can be removed and replaced.

You should know that when working inside the door, you’ll be working thru small openings that have sharp edges. So wear a long sleeve shirt.


The regulator on my truck is attached to the inside panel of the door. I can already remove that part of the door with the regulator still attached. The problem I have is that the track that attached the regulator to the window is rusted out and it is attached to bottom of the window. I’ve come to understand that I either have to remove and replace the track somehow or just remove and replace the whole window with one that had a good track. the biggest problem is that the window is glued into a slot on the track, so I don’t know how to remove it without breaking the window, and I don’t know how to lift the window out of the door to replace it. If I can get pictures up to show what I’m working with I will.

@Tester; You should know that when working inside the door, you’ll be working thru small openings that have sharp edges. So wear a long sleeve shirt.
Thanks Tester…there goes my stock in Curad…you ruined it for me!!!


You also need to verify whether or not any special step needs to be followed when removing a regulator. The spring tension is very taut on some of them and on some models (unsure on yours) it is recommended that a hole be drilled in the regulator arm and the sheet metal of the door. A small nut and bolt is used to secure it before removing any regulator attachment screws or rivets.

Failure to do so can possibly lead to an increased heart rate at best or loss of fingers at worst.
I learned this the hard way but thankfully lost no fingers.

There’s actually no spring on my regulator. It’s actually an x shaped mechanism with a gear on one leg, a roller in a small track attached to the door on another leg and the two rollers in a track connected to the bottom of the window on the other legs. The track on the window is what needs replaced

Maybe this picture will help explain it.

If you happen to mean part #11, that is considered part of the glass

My neighbor had this exact same problem on her older car. Different brand, same problem as yours.

After removing the door panel and seeing the problem with my own eyes, I politely declined to perform any repairs

The problem with her car is that there were several different window tints available. And what may appear to be green to me might be considered blue or gray by the manufacturer. Not to mention that several other things may break, during the process of removing the old glass, or installing the new one. Lots of variable, lots of chances for things to go wrong

I suggest you hang in there and call a few more glass shops. Ask them straight out “Can you replace the driver’s side glass on my truck?” If so, ask them when you can come by so that they can look at the truck. Let them decide what color glass you have. I wouldn’t be surprised if your truck also had several factory tint options. If the color is wrong, it’ll be their mistake and their responsibility.

GM didn’t actually make the glass for your truck. PPG, safelite, somebody else did. There’s no reason to go the dealer, unless nobody else is willing to touch the truck

I assumed the regulator assembly had a spring like the part below and which can turn the regulator into shears.|Make%3AGMC&hash=item46228edf39&vxp=mtr

A trip to a salvage yard is in order to obtain the parts you need and to learn how to remove and install them before you tackle yours…Some yards may have the part in stock, others, “pick & pull” format, require you to locate and pull the parts…So bring the tools you think you will need…Sometimes it’s easier just to replace the entire door…