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Window regulator on drivers side door

My garage said i needed a new window regulator on my drivers side window.

But they also said i have to have a new window because the track the window sets in is permanently attached.

When i looked up the part on the internet none of the parts houses said anything abount a new window, you just removed a couple of retainjng clips.

The track is permanently attached, but the track either bolts to the regulator or the regulator wheel goes into the track. Either way, you don’t need a new window.

And many regulators have inexpensive rebuild kits to replace the plastic gears as long as the motor still works…

What would you expect the dealer to say, the truth? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!. These windows are easily fixed. Just a clip from and a couple of hours of your time and for under $10. you should be back in bizz again.