Getting back on track

My 99 Civic coupe has finally succumbed to the 10 year power window curse.

Somehow the window has gotten off it’s track, either from road conditions or something, because I don’t use it that much. I’ve managed to get it up most of the way, but the problem lies in the fact that the window is on the other side of the rubber seal.

Does anyone know how to rig it up to go all the way up and get it back behind the seal? The good thing is that I’ve got those rain deflectors on the windows so I don’t have to worry about it raining in, just cold air seeping in over the next couple days. Which isn’t much of a problem since it’s in my garage, just hafta worry about it while I’m at work.

You need to remove the inner door panel to find out if the window regulator is loose or if it’s worn out/broken.

If it’s loose, the mounting bolts just need to be retightened. If the regulator is worn out/broken it requires replacement.


well, after an hours worth of work, I didn’t get very far, just more stuff broken. I got the panel off, but some of the plastic clips broke so the panel doesn’t fit back on right. there was some kinda paper being held on by gum/glue that I was afraid of removing since i have no way to get it back on. I could see the window out of it’s track, but couldn’t force it back into it. after this, I can clearly see why mechanics want so much to do jobs like this.

The gummy glue on the back of the paper(actually plastic) will re-adhere to the door when you are done with your work. Just gently peel the plastic liner away from the door about halfway and let it just hang down until you are done with your work. Put the window back in the track and tighten any loose bolts. Carefully place the plastic liner back and press the “gummy glue” against the metal. Reattach the door panel.

You can buy new plastic liner clips from the dealer for cheap and, once you put them on your door panel it should fit perfectly again.