94 Dodge Caravan front seat won't straighten up


The driver side front seat of my 94 Dodge Caravan won’t straighten up. It’s always reclined somewhat. It will recline all the way, just won’t return to straight up. My mechanic didn’t even look at it. He just said I need a new seat. Is there anything in the seat recline mechanism that can be fixed or do I need a new seat.


I have had the same question - but I found if I hold the top of the seat back and push it a little forward and backward while pulling up the the lever, it will move to a new location. It’s touchy.

If someone can tell us what needs to be adjusted, please do!


Thanks for your comments.

I gave up on it, and went to a junk yard. I found another 94 Caravan with the same seats. They pulled the seat out for me and it cost less than $30. It’s only 4 bolts to remove the seat, so I swapped the old one for the new one in less than an hour. The new seat works fine. I figure the first seat lasted 13 years, this one should get me a few more.