1999 Mailbu

My driver side recliner is stuck in the down position. I am taking the seat off this weekend to see what is wrong. Problem is I don’t know what I am looking for. Anyone have a diagram or instruction on how to fix the recliner ?

I looked over the FSM for your car and job (book 1 10-10-5). You must raise the seat back cover by un snapping the long plastic J-hook type upholestry retainer.Raise seat back upholestry enough to get to recliner bolts. The inboard recliner mechanism has the release mechanism and the cable that could be broken.

You will not be able to repair the recliner mechanism (unless you are trickier than me). I have done this job many times and it is not out of the range of the home mechanic.The cable is a little tricky to get out of its retainer.rotate it downward about 90 degrees.

I have done this job without removing the headrests,removing the headrest is easy (push a pin on the guide to release) but removing the headrest guide complicates things.

You stated I will not be able to repair the recliner mechanism. Are you saying I should just get a seat from the junk yard? We are planning on removing the seat this weekend to look at. Would that be easier? or can we easily get to it by removing the upholestry retainer? Can you email me a copy of book 1-10-10-5?

You can buy both the recliner mechanism and the cable. They are common parts to fail,this is absolutely a repairable condition. GM has had quality problems with its seats and seat belts for years.I can think of many campaings to repair seats. Failure of recliner mechanisms was very commom on S-10’s and S-Blazers of the 95-2000 (approx)range. The book I am reading from is a Factory Service Manual,the numbers are just the section and page number. I picked mine up at a used book store. Three volumes $15.00 I usually buy any GM FSM I run across.

I have posted all the info you need to get this done,there are no areas that you are lacking. Un-hooking the plastic seam at the bottom of the seat back upholestry is a little challenging but you will see how compressing the foam of the seat gives you room to un-hook it. Then with the upholestry pulled up you will easily see how to replace either the recliner mechanism or the cable. I would remove the seat from the car,then you can vacuum real good also.